Pro-rsoft: ODE doesn't compile.


I was just getting ready to release 1.5.3, and I was going to include ODE support, but it doesn’t compile under Windows. If you can get it fixed in the next few hours, I can include it in 1.5.3, otherwise, I’ll deactivate it again.


What is the point of 1.5.3 without ode? What are the new features?


It did compile under windows here, and should work there too, unless I messed up some libraries. Do you have an error message? I might be able to say whats wrong then. Did it also fail on linux or didn’t you try that?
I’m going to do a clean checkout this afternoon (I mean in about 8 hours) and rebuild it from scratch on windows, but sorry, I don’t have access to a windows machine until then. If that’s too long, it might be better to exclude it.

Oh, btw, if you didn’t already notice, to exclude ode just type --no-ode and it will exclude the ode thirdparty libs and not compile panda’s ode dir.

@treeform: don’t worry. There are still enough bugs in 1.5.2 to release a 1.5.3.

EDIT: ahhgr its compiling now, but it takes wayy too long! Long way to compile till it arrives at ode.

Josh, I totally lost, sorry. I just compiled it here at windows, and it compiles great, without any warnings/errors/complications. I installed TortoiseCVS and it tells me everything is committed. I committed makepanda, added and committed thirdparty libs in linux-libs-a, linux-libs-x64 and win-libs-vc8, and committed genPyCode changes.
Can you give me an error message or where it fails or so?

EDIT: could this be the problem: … y?view=log
You didn’t tag my latest commit for panda3d_1_5_3… but I doubt this would cause a compiling issue, more like a genpycode error… Are there still other files (maybe thirdparty libs) that you haven’t checked out yet or so?