Print the panda3D render window

No I don’t mean the python function print, I mean sending the current render state to your ol inkjet and getting a pretty paper piece.

Is this possible? I did a forum search, but of course searcing for print, printing is useless.

Thanks in advance,


base.screenshot() saves the render window, display region, or whatever you like. Then you can print it the way you want.

Hmmm I was kind hoping there was a native function, but anyway. Looks like I will have to mash up using screenshot and python imaging library,

3rd method here … print.html

Hmm that means I need to compile panda with another 3rd party module




Ok got it to work.

look at this thread to see how to packpanda with PIL

I used the 3rd method here (Single image: use PIL and win32ui) in conjunction with base.screenshot() … print.html

and it works like a charm.

Unfortunately it is only windows compliant