Prevent the user to excutive

I want to prevent the user to execute more than one instance of my game.
how can i achieve this with panda3d?
I’m currently using pywin32api, but deploy-ng doesn’t support it for compiling to executable.
now, how can i use panda3d’s implementation to achieve this goal?
should i use mutexes, if yes, how? if no, what should i use instead?
thanks in advance.

Hi, welcome to the forums!
Actually, this is not a Panda3D-specific issue. You may want to read how tendo solves this issue. Basically, they check if another process is running using a lock file.

so, it is not possible to achieve this with panda3d’s implementation
for operating systems other than windows, it is possible to use fcntl which tendo and my implementation use
but, instead of tempfile, mine uses mutexes to achieve this.
now, I wanted to know if panda3d’s mutexes can be used for this purpose, or not.

Panda’s mutexes can only be used within the same process.