Presentation of legloups

Hello to all, I am a computer graphic designer 3d and I discovered Panda3d recently. I began to follow tutorials and I advance slowly.
The only thing which raises me problem in my learning, it is the management of shaders. :blush:

I also take charge of an e-magazine on the computer graphics, the photography and the real time. I wanted to make an article on Panda3d, but I did not know to whom to send me for the use of the logo and the credit note images of realized projects. :smiley:

PS : Sorry for my poor English!!! :blush:

Truth be told, Panda3D doesn’t really have an official logo. You can go ahead and use the picture on the website, though it’s kinda small. I don’t know where the original is, I’m sorry.

Thank you for your answer… :smiley:
If some have screen shots (copyrighted) by technical demonstrations, shaders… it would be nice to decorate…

I wish I could help you more, but there isn’t much. Disney is the main developer for Panda3D, and they release lots of screenshots for their games, but they don’t really advertise Panda3D itself. I’m a teacher at Carnegie-Mellon University, I do a little Panda3D development too, but I’m certainly not any sort of marketing guy either - besides, I spend most of my time with my students, not Panda3D. So I don’t know if there’s much we can do. I guess nobody is really doing marketing work for Panda3D right now.

Thank you for your answer I am going to continue to look!!!

Hello to all,
Just small one words to say to you that I had finished my article on Panda3d. You can see it at this address, but it is in French… … nfo03.html
and the free version : … age000.swf

Ah, merci pour l’article très gentil. Je vois aussi que vous avez été d’aider les utilisateurs de Panda3D sur les forums.

Je ne parle pas très bien français (j’ai étudié à l’école secondaire, il y a plus de 20 ans) mais j’apprécie votre contribution à Panda3D pour la communauté française.


Merci pour votre réponse, c’est gentil… :blush:
Et votre français est tout à fait correct…