Preliminary Ode support

I’ve seen that we have some “extensions” py file that handle some ODE things (joint,space,geom);

However the py file are only functions…

How would i import the ode support and actually create ODE objects like space etc… from the python code…

I must admit i don’t have a clue yet

the current state of ode in panda is a little odd. The C++ files are included but there is no way to access them from panda. If i would have needed ODE i would have fixed that but i dont … i would like to know the status of ODE in panda.

Nothing stops you form using ode with panda as in many snipits around the forum.

You just need to add libpandaode to the list of libraries that gets pulled in when you import pandac.PandaModules.
Try running:

genPyCode libpandaode


i’ve got very good memories of the genPycode :slight_smile:

Will it make wonders again, 'ill try tommorow night

I’ve got following error:

File “R:\ARK\P3D\direct\src\ffi\”, line 253, in generateNativeWrappers
exec(‘import %s as module’ % moduleName)
File “”, line 1, in ?
ImportError: No module named libpandaode

When i try to run :
R:\ARK\P3D\bin>genPyCode libpandaode
Importing code library: libpandaexpress
Found extensions for class: Ramfile
Found extensions for class: StreamReader
Found extensions for class: HTTPChannel
Importing code library: libpanda
Found extensions for class: NodePath
Found extensions for class: Mat3
Found extensions for class: NodePathCollec
Found extensions for class: VBase3
Found extensions for class: VBase4
Importing code library: libpandaphysics
Importing code library: libpandafx
Importing code library: libp3direct
Found extensions for class: CInterval
Importing code library: libpandaskel
Importing code library: libpandaegg
Found extensions for class: EggPrimitive
Found extensions for class: EggGroupNode

I’ve tried with several upercase/lowercase combination just in case.
Maybe i need to compile from CVS??

Hmm. Maybe so. Maybe Josh hasn’t integrated ODE with the makepanda build script yet. If so, it might not be part of the thirdparty tools either, so you’ll have to install it separately and use the ppremake system to build it.