Precompiled headers

Any chance for precompiled headers soon? I think they could help to develop new features a lot.

They would help, but I think it would probably take a month of programming to implement them… I don’t think anybody can do that right now.

I don’t know if you’re using makepanda, but if you are, and if you’re using a multi-core CPU, use --threads 2 to compile Panda3D. It’s also often a good idea to use --no-pandatool: there’s no reason to rebuild all those little utility programs every time you make an experimental change.

We once played with precompiled headers, and finally had to throw them out in disgust. They’re just not versatile enough to be of much use, and they really don’t play well in multiplatform builds.

Instead, we replaced them with the composite files, which actually resulted in an even greater compilation performance gain than the precompiled headers, and it is truly multiplatform and works flawlessly.

Putting precompiled headers back into the mix wouldn’t result in any additional performance gains.