prc file problems and a small question

well, i want to know how fast my game runs so i edit the prc file to show the fps. but if i save it, the file get’s about 800b smaller and every time i fire up a pogramm it says i need at least one valid graphics loader (pandagl or pandax8)
so i check the file, and it is still there.
so, i fire up again and it says the same thing again.

so i have to put back my backup so everything runs smooth again, but still no fps meter.

any toughts about this?

and i got a small extra question.
let’s say i have 2 scripts.

i want to include so it can use the commands, functions, ect. in

how do i do that?


About the PRC problem: Some editors, like PSPad, make the .prc file invalid, try using a different editor (after replacing the prc file with the valid one again)

About the including: this is a Python question, not a Panda question.

import b


from b import nameOfYourFunction


from b import *