ppython, python and pythonw

Hi all,

ppython.exe could only be found in panda3d.
What is the difference between ppython.exe and those (python.exe and pythonw.exe) of official python 2.5?

Thanks in advance

ppython.exe is identical to python.exe. It makes no difference which one you use. It exists only for historical reasons.

Python 2.5 doesn’t work with Panda3D (under windows). We use python 2.4

Thanks, Josh.

Could I ask why python 2.5 could not be used with Panda3d, only 2.4 could?

In Python 2.5, the python developers took out the ability to load DLLs. Until we find a workaround for this limitation, we’re stuck with 2.4.

I see.

Without loading DLL, how could python call C++ modules?
It is very strange.

Python 2.5 can load DLLs if you rename them to PYD. But panda DLL’s aren’t just for python - they’re for C++ too. So we can’t rename them to PYD.

Is this still true?

panda3d.org/manual/index.php/Features states:

Panda3D 1.9.x is compiled with (and ships with) Python 2.7. Pre-release development builds of Panda 1.10 support Python 3.4 as well.