PPython Alternative - Memory issues

I just started with Panda3d, got an development build, installed it and pointed PyDev to that installation. That works.

However, every time I run something from Eclipse, the window shows, one model slowly spinning, it is using about 300 MB for memory. That’s not to bad. But, as soon as I close the window, that memory use, for ppython starts rising very quickly, into the multiple GB range and it doesn’t stop until I manually kill the process. I noticed something was wrong after every 4th run my system would start complaining. Imagine seeing 4 instances of ppython each using about 2 GB of memory and growing.

So, is there an alternative? Can I use my own python installation? What files do I need to copy to a virtualenv to be able to use panda? Is it a known issue?

I am using Windows 7, 16gb machine and the Sat, 23 Aug 14 07:03:53 Panda3D snapshot.
I am using Eclipse, 4.4.0, with PyDev 3.6.0

It’s a problem with the development builds, and not related to ppython (which is just a copy of python.exe of version 2.7, by the way). We’ve been looking into it, but I’m on vacation and don’t have access to my development machine.

In the meantime, don’t close the process by closing the window, but instead by hitting a keyboard interrupt or killing the process by other means, or get a development snapshot from a month or two ago.

Thank you, that worked.

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