PPACKAGE No messages

I am trying to run ppackage and get no errors, no messages or output of any kind. If the path is wrong I presume I would get a not found message, any ideas?

Have you installed the Panda3D runtime?

Yes, I have. Should I not get a program not found if the system can not find it? It seems to run but there is no output and no new directory created. I am entering>ppackage -i output output.pdef

How about if you run “ppackage -h”? Does it print the usage information, or nothing at all? If it prints nothing at all, it means the program isn’t actually getting started, and something is wrong with the installation.


I reinstalled both SDK and Runtime and it is working now. I must have somehow messed up the path or installed to non default directories. Ppackage is spitting out messages (Mostly error):slight_smile: Thank you for your help.