postprocessing shader


I want to use postprocessing shaders like radial blur which effect the whole screen, not just one node.

For the beginning i planed to do some color modifications for testing, like tainting the whole screen bluish.

To acive this i need to apply my shader to the render result.

My big question is: HOW do I do that :question:

Thanks in advance

The idea is to render to a of screen buffer, proses this, than copy it as a texture to a polygon filling the entire screen.

The manual describes it pretty good: … ge_Filters

The FilterManager class is designed to help you with that. (Described in manual)
Also, you can see how to use postprocessing effects in various sample programs, such as Glow filter Advanced, Cartoon shader Advanced, Fireflies, …
You might also find reading the direct/filter/ file useful.

Hey uhh now you guys are talking about postprocessing. Are these techniques also available when playing your game online? Well I don’t know why it wouldn’t but in some engines it wasn’t available online.

Yes, its a client side app. so how ever you set it up is what the client sees.

Thanks so thats why game mods mostly arent supported with postprocessing.

demomaster comes with a number of 2D filters in the “Shaders - Compositor” demo.
Look into demo_compositor directory for the implementation details.

Here is a screen with radial blur + posterize + sharpen filters:

I’m guessing this is a language barrier thing since your location is listed as Belgium. He didn’t say that online games cannot use post-processing filters, he said that online games can use post-processing filters. That is, you asked “are these techniques available?” and he answered “yes.”

When he pointed out that it’s happening client side, what he was getting at is that post-processing filters take place entirely on the player’s computer and have nothing to do with data being sent over the network. Whether or not the view is blurry doesn’t affect the information being sent back and forth between the multiple computers connected in an online game. As you figured in your first post, there is no reason why a game engine wouldn’t allow you to use post-processing filters while playing the game online.

Anyway, I don’t really agree with your premise that few multiplayer games use post-processing effects. Most games these days have effects like glow and bloom, and those are done using post-processing filters.