Possible to get monitor power state?

I have a need to detect whether an attached display (HDMI / DVI) is powered on for a Windows 7 box. I found how to poll for available resolutions using base.pipe.getDisplayInformation() which led me to find a getDisplayState() function (http://www.panda3d.org/apiref.php?page=DisplayInformation#getDisplayState) however it always seems to return 1 and there’s no documentation.

I’m assuming these methods are just asking the OS for this information versus actually polling the hardware (since available resolutions are returned even when the display is off). Is there anything I could check that would give me any indication that a monitor is powered on or off. I’m interested in any programmatic solution even if it’s outside Panda / python. Thanks guys.

I haven’t tried or investigated it myself, but this might be worth a shot:

japrogbits.blogspot.com/2010/03/ … ation.html