Possible to create a Collision solid out of actor?

I tried to create a solid out of a mesh that I created in blender and exported using chicken. After exporting, I added the line to my eggfile.

  <Collide> Hand { Polyset descend }
<Group> Armature {
  <DART> { 1 }
  <Group> Hand {
  <Collide> Hand { Polyset descend }
    <VertexPool> Hand {
      <Vertex> 0 {
        2.00868225098 -1.0 -1.0
        <Normal> { -0.032105 -0.994781 -0.096561 }

I then try to find the collision node named Hand

self.hand = Actor("models/hand")
self.coll = self.hand.find("**/Hand")

However self.coll turns up empty. Is it not possible to create a collision solid out of a mesh/actor?

Short answer: no. But you can create collision geometry in a separate model and attach it to the various joints of your actor later via the exposeJoint() method.

Collision geometry will always be rigid geometry–your actor will be like a tin man, not a cowardly lion.


thanks for the clarification