possible port Yo_frankie to panda3d?

i just try the BGE Yo Frankie game demo, impressive. i am thinking is it possible to port the game to running on panda3d. because it is open source, we can convert the assets to egg using chicken plugin. and building the game logic within panda. still can not confirm a lot things: GLSL shader to Cg shader? bullet to ODE? anyway, just a thought. i don’t even know whether this thing make any sense. prove the panda3d abilities and pratice game programming.
hoping to hear advices.

interesting idea
hmm… my first thought was, it would be impossible for such a small community like the ours, but on the other side: all 3d models are modelled, all animations animated and the whole concept is already done.
the (only) thing would be to code it in panda, what should be possible if there are any really interested programmers.

Yo Frankie! is project of Crystal Space engine team that had a goal of improving the art pipeline between Blender and Crystal Space. Later Blender Institute supported the idea and added the secondary goal of fixing and improving the internal Blender Game Engine.

Collada importer that is now in works can solve any problems in the pipeline between Blender (or most other modelers) and Panda. So tight integration between Blender and Panda as they did for Crystal Space with Blender2Crystal exporter is very big job, and it is hardly possible for the community at the moment. While simply porting the final product - Yo Frankie! - to Panda: what’s the purpose?

In my opinion, what Panda lacks is a set of ‘plug-and-play’ shaders (mostly, shadows for different types of light sources). As soon as ‘easy’ shadows are included, the Panda community will grow quickly, and then we can make our own demo-game :slight_smile:

Let me quickly comment on that; I’ve tried out Blender’s collada exporter but it didn’t seem as stable as I hoped, I’m afraid. :frowning: