Possible bug in TextNode

Hi all!

We stumbled across what appears to be a bug in TextNode near the head of the repository. Unfortunately, we have not yet found a solution, but if anyone has a suggestion we’d love to squash this one.

import direct.directbase.DirectStart
from pandac.PandaModules import *


myNode.setText(' ')

(Note: We run with no default window, but I suspect the bug will still manifest if a default window is specified using the PRC files and the base.openMainWindow call is removed).

When running this program, Panda crashes when it attempts to render a frame. The important thing in this example is that the argument to setText is a single space; the bug seems to manifest at any time when the argument to setText is not the empty string but consists only of whitespace.

Does anyone have an idea of what might cause this issue? It doesn’t manifest in 1.3.2—we tried inspecting diffs between 1.3.2 and our checkout of the head, but there are many areas changed. Any insight would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your help!

I just ran your code on the head of the tree, and did not encounter a problem. But the low-level vertex processing code has been changing rapidly lately, and it’s quite possible there was a bug somewhere deep in that code at the time you updated, which has since been corrected.

It might be worth updating to the latest Panda, and trying again.


That’s got it! The problem appears to be fixed at the head of the tree. Thank you for the help.