Possible bug in shader generator for 1.8.1

Code: gist.github.com/croxis/5579164

When the planet lines are uncommented the star (mesh variable) flickers when moving the camera or is not visible at all.

Example has an error at the line 54 starFrag2.glsl
vec2 starUV = texCoords + vec2(uOff, 0.0);
But when I replaced it with
vec2 starUV = texCoords.xy + vec2(uOff, 0.0);
I reproduce the issue

Also I can say that I can’t reproduce this problem on the old dev build (panda3d1.9_1.9.0+cvs20121130), which I used before.

Odd it didn’t throw an error for me

So the issue only occurs when the GLSL shader is applied on a different node than the one that has the shader generator? And the issue only occurs on the mesh that has the GLSL shader?

For this bug to get on the shortlist for 1.8.2, please register it with the bug tracker, and try to reduce the code to the absolute minimum that will still generate the error.

Not sure, but as for me - it’s not a generator bug - it’s still something with gl attributes like gl_Vertex and etc. For example I can’t reproduce this bug with the simple model (box or smiley), but get it again if load more complex model (more vertices) - panda, or generated sphere as in the original example.

Are you talking about croxis’ bug, or about the issue that you reported above (which is purely cosmetic and has already been fixed)?

I mean the bug reported by croxis bugs.launchpad.net/panda3d/+bug/1172939 because I see similar errors in the console

:display:gsg:glgsg(error): Active attribute gl_MultiTexCoord0 is bound to location -1
:display:gsg:glgsg(error): Active attribute gl_Normal is bound to location -1
:display:gsg:glgsg(error): Active attribute gl_Vertex is bound to location -1

Again, that’s an unrelated bug that has nothing to do with this thread. The bug that has been reported is about the shader generator, which does not use GLSL, which already indicates that the errors that you presented in this thread are unrelated.

Wait, well, if error is unrelated then why using glsl shader in both case causes problem and why in the sample above flickering occurs exactly on the model with glsl shader, not with autoshader? Finally why I not got such problems when I used autoshader jointly with Cg in my experiments?

The error is not an error. It’s supposed to be a debug message that was accidentally labelled as an error message. In this case, the debug message is showing that the attributes were bound correctly. Therefore, it has nothing to do with any flickering issue.

croxis’ issue may be an issue that is related to GLSL, but again, it has nothing to do with the issue you’ve reported.

I get it. Sorry )