portable maya2egg

Does this post suppose to be here? anyway…

what DLLs does maya2egg use?
is it possible to make it portable without taking
all of the files in Panda\bin folder?

Not sure the entire set of DLL’s that maya2egg uses, but it’s probably most of the Panda DLL’s (in addition to the Maya DLL’s, of course). You can use a tool like Dependency Walker or dumpbin to get the full set.

It’s theoretically possible to compile a “static” build of Panda that doesn’t use DLL’s at all, so that all of the Panda code gets linked into maya2egg.exe. Then you will only depend on the Maya DLL’s. This is fairly advanced, though–you’ll need to use ppremake instead of makepanda. And I’m not 100% sure it will work for maya2egg; I’ve never tried it on that file.



I used Dependency Walker to find what DLLs I need
I found that except for Panda dlls the maya dlls are:

and IEShims.dll

is that all the dlls that are needed or I missed something?
also, if I have maya 2012 and I copied my dlls,
I will need to use Maya2Egg2012, correct?

I don’t know; does it work if you provide only those DLL’s?

That is correct.