Polygon Budget and compiling

Hello everyone!!!
I’ve just ran into this engine recently and looks very promising…
It has nice and easy programming principles… and the .egg format is very stable… and also very useful!! … well I have two simple questions… I hope somebody can answer them…
1.What is the usual polygon budget that the engine handles, I mean how much polygons the engine can manage at one time (I know that this amount depends f the computer and the type of game… but if it could be possible to tell some average measure… maybe with a standard computer?
2. Is it possible to “compile” a complete application in order to distribute it withouth the engine itself (some sort of Stand-Alone executable)? Or maybe is possible to bundle panda 3D with the application so you can install panda and the aplication at the same time (maybe like an option for modders or something like that… hehe)?
I hope somebody could answer… thanks a lot and keep going with the engine is very good

Don’t know about the first, but you can compile but you can compile using the C++ libraries from SourceForge, or you can do what Disney does: Run your whole program through squeeze and make a program that uses the Python22.DLL