hello all just wondering what the polycounts should be for:
Weapons(Guns, knifes, Guns)

Thats up to yourself.
If you have not much objects in your scene, you can use higher polycounts – but keep in mind that using higher polycounts will reduce the framerate.

what about
16 soldiers on the level all of them 1500 polys
the worldmodel guns are 500 polys
soldiers with guns total 2000 polys
32000 polys for soldiers
viewmodel guns are 1200-1500 polys
arms are like 500 polys?
im targetting slightly higher end machines like
1-2ghz processor
512mb-1gb of ram
can run on an 6100 intergrated nvdia chipset

my actual specs are
2.4ghz amd
2bg ram

I don’t think you can really make up target numbers like that. There are far too many factors that influence render performance; poly count is only one factor.

What you can do is try a number of possibilities out and see what your performance is.