PointLight shadows help

Well, i’m very new to Panda3d, and i was figuring out about some lighting stuff and ran into a problem: I cant make shadows using the Pointlight.
Some people think it is impossible, but for example, on [url]Point Light Shadows?] this topic, the guy has pointlight shadows; So-so shadows, but shadows. Plz, help!

The shadows there are actually cast by a spot light with a field of view near 180 degrees, so the shadows look a bit like casts from a omni light.

O, ok. Thx for the info!
Figuring how to make the lens of spotlight cast 180°.

Ughh, well, i don’t seem to be able to set the FOV of a spotlight. It simply says that neither the spotlight itself or it’s node allow me to use setFov() on them. Help?


Thx again.
One last question though:
The setFov() thing doesn’t make my light change it’s lighting angle that much still. Even when it’s set to 179 degrees, it only makes the same old 40-degree lens on the light source.
Sorry, but plz help again :stuck_out_tongue:

I never used builtin Panda’s shadows, but possible that your shadowcamera and your spotlight use different lenses and you should set Fov directly on the camera lens.
Can you post here result of render.ls()?

showFrustrum() should be of some help here. It can show you what the shadow-casting lense sees and with the buildin shadows it’s very important to set the near and far plane just right. The scale and distance also play a role. When I’ll get back home I’ll check if I don’t have any working example.