Pointers to learning materials on models?

I can code python. Never been around game dev before though.

The docs of Panda seems the most well written. I like the idea to write game logic in plain python, that’s almost like cheating. But all the 3d modeling stuff really baffles me. I’ve never been good with arts. Not to mention 3d!

What I’m looking for is some sort of quickstart on what models are, and how they are used in game devs. not like the tutorials which teaches the creation of models and stuff. Just what and how, no why. something like "mygamefast.com’ from Panda3D Manual - More Panda3D Resources, but maybe more complete. Books are fine too. Any other learning material is appreciated as well - consider this a preliminary reading requirement for noobs who know how to program but not games :smiley:

These books are free and extensive, covering the whole process from art creation to coding:

Especially the second book, “Panda3D Art creation with Blender”, might be of interest.