point light radius?

Hi ther! Im new to panda3d and have bean playing around with it for 2 days now, and it a loot of fun.

And now for the question =): Can i in some way set the ligth radius for a point ligth? So if an object is realy far from the light it will not be lith?

Yes, more or less. You can set the attenuation coefficients, which causes the light to drop off gradually with distance. There are three attenuation coefficients: A, B, C, where the net attentuation is defined by A + Bd + Cd^2. (So if you want a light dropoff proportional to the square of the distance, as real lights do, use something like (0, 0, 1).)

pointLight.setAttenuation(Point3(A, B, C))


Thank you! I realy appreciate when peopel take ther time to help noobs like me! Again, thanks!