while playing around with PNMBrush i’ve encountered a “problem”, while the blend mode works fine, the other modes confuse me.

BESet doesnt seem to do anything.
BEDarken: does darken down a area, but it stops at 0.5 (0,1,0,1) darkened by (0,0,0,0) will get you (0,.5,0,.5). i would expect it to go to fully darkened.
BELighten: the same as darken (but reversed of course).

i have only tried working with drawPoint. so i dont know if the other painting tools do it correctly.

i have also seen that painting (BEBlend) with low alpha values dont change anything anymore (im talking about values above 0.01, where it still should change colors).

i also have a feature request:

  • it would be great if there were more modes. like a smoothing brush (averaging between neighbooring pixels).

Hmm, you’re right, there appear to be a few bugs in there.

If you’d like to take a look under the hood and fix up the bugs, and/or add whatever features you think are appropriate, we’d be happy to accept your changes. The PNMPainter feature was added once on a whim and never really much developed.