Please make some Annoucement.....

Hello All,

I’am really impress by your modesty.

You do a lot of stuff with Panda3D, improvment , 1.00 release , etc…
But if we look at the main page, it looks like Panda3D is dead. :frowning:

Or in fact Panda3D is not dead, you are rocking with it.

Also in your features, you should inform users about the file converters
available. X or obj converter appeals to people :slight_smile:

I’m going to fix that main page later this weekend, and I’m going to announce it on several websites as well.

  • Josh


Just tell me if i can help you on something…

I’ve already put a link to Panda3d on my project blog
(Medieval Fight with panda) .
I’ll try to put a banner also tonight :slight_smile: