Please help.

Hey so um i installed the game engine and it didn work. So now I need to instal the sdk. But my pc doesnt let me install exe’s so if somebody can email me at , or post on host a,or mediafire the, a ZIP file of all the sdk stuff I would really appreciate thanks!

Sorry I ment pype.

In zip form

How do you hope to work with a machine where you can’t install exes? :slight_smile: When you setup a toolchain in order to make a graphical application you need a lot of stuff (sdks, compilers, interpreters, compression managers, graphical apps, sound apps, ides, …). I don’t think that’s only a Panda issue. Tipically when installers are provided in executable form is because they need administration rights to work, so I think your request can’t be fulfilled.

Yes I need admin rights. And my admin is outta town. So I want it. please.

Yes I need it in zip. Send it to my email Or post on host a net or mediafire.

Netbeans too. Or just netbeans.

Dude, I appreciate your plight, but as yaio pointed out, even if someone sent you a zip file it wouldn’t be very useful to you if you lacked admin rights on your computer.

You need to solve that problem first.


Ok look. My admin is out of town. My computer cant install anything withot asking for the admins permission password. BUT if i get a zip file I can extract it and it will work. All I need is netbeans. I found a zip file of pype. Please.

There are a few programs that run without installing anything. Those apps are portable, which is rather exotic on Windows. “Normal” programs all need to be installed on your hard drive - as Admin.
Panda3D is one of those.

So if you find some programs running without installation, fine. But that won’t work with Panda unless somebody puts effort into developing a portable version (which would be a hell of work, I think).

EDIT: Also please consider giving your threads more meaningful names than “help!”. Most of the people here ask for some kind of help and if everybody named their threads like this, you couldn’t distinguish one thread from another.

I already installed panda3d+pype. All I need is netbeans…

How did you manage to install panda3d?
I mean, if you cant install from .exe files, i am pretty sure that there are lots of things you cant do.

I dont know why you want netbeans, you can download eclipse and use pydev plugin, its pretty popular python IDE.
Eclipse is portable app…

Also, i think it is very easy to “avoid” admin lack of rights if you have physical access to machine…