playing AVI video.

I am having trouble loading AVI videos in the current version of panda.
I have tried a variety of AVI’s and MPGs and none of them seem to be loading.

self.bgTex = loader.loadTexture("clock.avi") loader.loadModelCopy('models/plane'), 1)   

I get the following errors:

:grutil(error): OpenCV couldn't read /c/clock.avi as video.
:gobj(error): Texture "/c/clock.avi" exists but cannot be re
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 403, in ?
    w = World()
  File "", line 228, in __init__, 1)
TypeError: Arguments must match one of:
set_texture(NodePath * this, Texture * tex)
set_texture(NodePath * this, TextureStage * stage, Texture * tex)
set_texture(NodePath * this, Texture * tex, int priority)
set_texture(NodePath * this, TextureStage * stage, Texture * tex, int priority)

Are there any existing videos that are known to work that I can use? or is there a different way to load the video into the a texture?


ok, I’ve found that I can get it to work with files in the Cinepack codec and the indeo.