Play Stainless beta! [RTS/TPS combo] + HD trailer

The Stainless v0.3 beta has been released! Check out the HD trailer, then get it here for Windows XP/Vista/7 (167 Mb). System requirements: I recommend a dual-core processor, with a 512 MB graphics card. I haven’t yet implemented a graphics options screen, so to degrade the settings, you would have to dig through some config files.

Stainless is a strictly multiplayer 3D game that merges the real-time strategy and third person shooter genres. It’s LAN-only, but don’t worry! If you don’t have a friend to play against, try running Stainless-God-Mode instead of Stainless. It’s not an “actual” God mode per se, it just spawns a bunch of allied and enemy bots. Good fun. :slight_smile:

The beta has three levels, although one of them is a work-in-progress. The fast-paced action mechanics are basically done, but a few important RTS-like features will be added in the November release, and the final release on January 9, 2010. Also note: OS X and Linux are supported, but I don’t have access to those OS’s at the moment. If you want to, you can download the source release (it includes the assets) and hack your way through the README instructions.

The game is open source, using the MIT license. Check out the development blog, or follow me on Twitter to keep up to date! Feedback appreciated!

:open_mouth: Spectacular

Wow, slick! Just watched the trailer, will try the download later. :slight_smile:

Great to see a Panda3d game with some production values. (You know, that isn’t done by Disney. :wink:

indeed, looks like a nice project :slight_smile: downloading the source… going to give it a run on linux.

well… so much about trying. i’m running a 64bit linux. and my research popped up that there are no 64bit versions of psyco. not for linux nor for any other os-es.
how about changing the code so it makes psyco optional? given modern os-es (like mac os, w7 and linux) nw all are widly available on 64bit architectures it might make quite some sense.

ok with the psyco lines uncommented and audio library changed to openal i was able to run it :slight_smile:. it’s quite fun to play thought i’m playing all alone for now.
a few things i noticed and i wanted to let you know about (in case you have not experienced those issues yourself).
-mouse navigation is sometimes really yerky, not alwaays. but sometimes.
-the cubes sometimes get alsmost invisible, dunno if that’s intended but it looks a bit strange.
-the light when firering brightens the ground. but to some semi-bright-gray shade, dunno if it’s supposed to be bright white
-rolling backwards to a wall fireing and jumping lets you wall-jump all the way up out of the level.

nice game:) pretty artwork. mind if i borrow one of your artists for my cuboid clone?^^

i’ve just disabled psyco import, after that it runs runs locally under snow leopard. however i need to resize the screen after starting and after entering a game, othervise it doesnt show any screen updates… (i may look into the problem later)

btw. you know that network ports below 1024 are reserved for administrators (system) under linux (and possibly other os’s as well), meaning a unpriviliged user should not be able to run a programm that claims any of these ports? i’d recommend changing that :slight_smile:

the file menu/Globe.egg in the source file has some wrong texture links ./…/…/something/…

nice to see a new project for panda3d.

hey, watched the trailer, but couldn’t download the game (sourceforge sucks…)
would somebody mirror it for me? pleeeeease :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback everybody!

@Hypnos: By default right now, the game actually runs in a window that’s set to the screen size. I’m finding that the only way to get good results is to edit Config.prc and not touch the window properties after startup. And I forgot about that port thing, I changed the default to 8081. Thanks. :slight_smile: And the menu/Globe.egg texture references are fixed too. All this stuff will be in the next SVN revision.

@ThomasEgi: I’d loan you an artist if I had any, but it’s just me. :slight_smile: Anyway, I added a quick try … except ImportError block for importing psyco, so it’s optional now. Also, I’m running Windows 7 x64, and 32-bit psyco runs just fine. Don’t know if 32-bit psyco runs on 64-bit Linux, but I suggest trying it if you haven’t yet.

I’m aware of the wall-jump issue. You can actually make very small course adjustments while in-air by holding WASD, which makes it even easier to wall-jump. I’m fine with that, but I guess I should probably add ceilings to these levels. :slight_smile:

Are you referring to the droids becoming partially invisible? That’s supposed to happen, but if the cloaker droid is making the physics blocks transparent, that’s a bug I’ve never encountered.

The mouse issue has long been my nemesis with this project. It varies a lot depending on the framerate. If you want to take a look at the code, it’s in the “Mouse” class in src/