Planet Crasher Demo Game

Hello again all. This is my first Panda3D demo game.

Any offers to help with coding will be more than welcome but feature suggestions are all you need to give in order to improve this simple game demo for use as a starter game platform which I will then release the (commented) source for on this forum.

These are my intended improvements in order of importance. Please feel free to suggest more!

  1. Pause screen menu for changing keybinds, sound, and graphics settings.

  2. Abstract level class allowing level changes mid game.

  3. Abstract player class allowing ‘vehicle’ changes mid game with different camera modes and customizable keys for each unique vehicle (the default vehicle is just run and jump in fps view)


Instructions + link to Windows Installer (24.3Mb)

pyc compiled zip file (460kb)

hm… could you post a how-to-actually-play-it? i see planetes bouncing around but there are no hints how to do something usefull^

I suspect you did not see the word Instructions above the first link which will take you to the page which describes the keys and how to play, as well as the link to the windows installer.

oh . indeed i didnt. i read “windows” so i skipped the link. i’m using linux so i’m used to ignore everything tagged with the windows thing :smiley:

Well I am glad we had this discussion so that everyone else who will naturally do the same will be notified, even if they prefer to use the non installer version on windows just because of the MUCH smaller download size.

Also thank you for confirming that this game also runs on linux. It makes my extra time spent repackaging a version just for you (if you happen to be the only one to test it :stuck_out_tongue: ) worth it.

i only get this error each time i try to run it:

RuntimeError: Bad magic number in .pyc file


edit: using linux, too, btw.

about magic numbers:

assuming you did not try to modify the code this only leaves the option that you’r trying to run it with a different version of python interpreter than it was created with.

2.6.1, to be exact.
didn’t know that you can’t pyc files with a patched version… that sucks :-/
no way to fake the magic numer or something like that?

Uh… You know Panda is compiled with python version 2.5 (and I don’t think it works with 2.6 at all) don’t you?

good to know. so no non-OSS games will work on my box, then.

i’m only using own builds or at least ones compiled against current python version.

so staying up-to-date means disadvantages… unlucky me :frowning: