Placing a character on the plane(correct way)

Hi for all

I think my question is stupid but I’ll question you. I want to put a character in my game. But I wat to put it in the correct way(I think).
Instead to use setPos function and passing values until I see the character is in a good position on the plane, what I want is the character remains falling until it touch the floor. I’ve think to do this like this:

  • insert the collider(from object) characteristic in the characted;
  • insert the collided(into object) characteristic in the floor
  • decrements the z-position(it’s my up-vector) until the touch occurs.

In my mind works, But I don’t know if this is a good way to do this. Can anyone points to me it’s a good idea or a horrible idea? I ould like suggestions to do this,please.
If I’m not being so clear, I don’t mind to explain again in another way.

Again, thanks for you guys

Hmm, it might be a better idea to make a collisionray to measure the distance from the object to the intersection point on the ground (if its just a plane you don’t need a collisionray but you could do with just some calculations), then decrement the object’s position by that value. Then you have it in one pass instead of having to decrement the z position everytime.

pro-rsoft, can you give me a sample, I’ve never done this before…

You can take a look at the Roaming Ralph example. It makes use of a CollisionRay to put Ralph on the terrain, and let him stay there (it basically checks the height of the terrain at that point, and puts Ralph there.)

Thanks dude, Ralph is a good way to do waht I want