Place a wait bar UNDER a photo?

I basically have a .PNG picture file in it with a hole in it that I’d like to fill as the bar fills, so it should basically just sit behind the photo with a little bit of un-seen wait bar as it conforms “with” the shape. I’ve tried using setBin and other similar things and I can’t get it to work with me here, haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for any help.

I can’t even get it to go behind the picture and nothing happens, so it’s not a picture issue, the wait bar just absolutely WILL NOT go behind the picture. Thanks again.

There’s a couple things you could try for this.

  1. Try parenting the image to the DirectWaitBar.
bar = DirectWaitBar(value=0, range=100, pos=(0, 0, -0.85))
image = OnscreenImage(image='myimage.jpg', parent=bar)
  1. Try using the ‘sortOrder’ value in your DirectGui widgets. These are like different layers for your gui objects.
bar = DirectWaitBar(value=0, range=100, pos=(0, 0, -0.85), sortOrder=1)
image = OnscreenImage(image='myimage.jpg', sortOrder=2)

I haven’t tried the sortOrder method myself but that’s what the Panda manual says.

Hope I helped.