in few days i will upload here the demo of my game…

so fasten your seat belts space marine! :smiley:

hey hey man, get down from the moon, is a joke, i´m glad to see it, i love space.

good luck.

here a short update. it shows my particular system, which has some nice features, like pixel orientated things and so on… and no, the panda is just a placeholder :wink: its only a reduced technical demo, what you got displayed here.


and sorry that i havnt finished the game till yet, but its really boring and hard (to stay motivated if the tooths are hurting) to screw on a game alone. like sound, graphics, coding testing and thinking.
often i lose the motivation to work on, but this is related to something different… hopefully i will/can upload it here in the short future…

the pixel-particle system looks promising, but the music sounds like damaged loudspeakers >_>

thx :slight_smile: oh you will hate the music in the final game :smiley: but, i will leave it flexible, like music on/off switch.

here a other track of mine :smiley: it called “circusLIFE”

but you are right, i would love to know someone who could do the music.

there are some free music sites - many songs there are industry quality and licensed CC-BY. means: you can use them for whatever you want as long as you credit the author.

my preferred is Jamendo btw :wink:

thx man, thats a pretty cool link!

Interesting particles… But, ah, I kinda have to agree with Nemesis.

If you’re wanting something unusual, I suggest you might check into the glitch/power noise realms of electronica and then start moving your composing skills in that direction.

But I’ll warn you, %90 of your audience is going to go, “WTF is wrong with this game!” and turn off the sound track. You might want to stick to something that still has identifiable tonal and rhythmic qualities. :slight_smile: Noise doesn’t have to lack those qualities, but it usually does for the sake of experimentation.

And while experimentation is good, be prepared for most people to not like it!

thx a lot for your tips, the vision is a bit of experimental. im not sure about a commercial idea. maybe at the third part. this part should feel like a neuronal defect. a bit schizophrenic with a icing of fear and last but not least a tiny cheery on the top which sweeten the pain, maybe its a reflection of my own lol

actually the game isnt done and its far away from the goal. but i get afraid that this game will ends up on a manless hd anywhere in this grey space. yes, somewhere in sommer i lost the motivation to work on. maybe it got to boring by developing it alone. so it would rocks if someone would join me by working on that game.

the idea is quiet simple. you have different plates (graphic buffer) like in the game of tangram. on each plate are getting different games assigned, like a vertical shooter, jump and run, logik, or any tricky game. but all this plates are related to each other. there are logic quests the most easiest way to realize this connection between those plates. the goals should be, you form all the time new games, that means, everytime you bring your tangram game into a new formation you getting a complete unique new game.
also the player have the possiblitly to create his complete unique looking world just by painting it (editor), that includes enemies, the player himself, all the eniviroment. and he doesnt need to script anything, he have just to assign different color for logic, weapon, static object, physic objects…

so here is the download to the things i have done so far. there is no graphics done, everything you see in there are placeholders. as next im planing the graphics to do. lot of things need to rewritten by using now the gpu for.
oh and also lot of things in this code is just written temporay.



oh thats not a demo or anything, just code modules.


just looked through your code, but jeez! -what a mess. sorry to say that but you really should organize your files somehow and use a coherent coding style.
docstrings or comments are a must have if you plan to share your code. all in english, of course.

by the way: what is this going to be actually? i found some stuff around hitler there :mrgreen:

here you have brush and feel free to clean it up!

yes, its the file structure like i have 1:1 on my computer, and true i dont cleaned something up there!

hmmm, and i dont think to clean it up! its way to early for!

so if i share a code online( for free) i have to stick a pink ribbon on it too?!? if the game gets done, the code will be documented on some parts and with a good looking file structure :slight_smile: . but at this status, i dont see sense for doing that.

so when it gets more complex like it is, means when it becomes more then 10 mb on code, then it would makes sense to have a nice structrue and some comments in. but till now, i feel comfortable without. and to the style statement, im working on my style.

well, here the plan for the next steps. i did a quick map of it.

so i had to change to c++, to get it like i want to have it.

this is the first impression of my raster based particles…



i worked a bit more on my particle system :smiley:

this one is called flower wars :smiley:


i cant wait to do this on the gpu, now im having only 800 objects in. but i want to have 10000 particles or more in.

sorry, the framerate in the youtube video on the beginning seems to suck, it related to the video playback. maybe i just use a other codec for the next vids.

here you can download it-> http://www.aries-lenov.com/projekte/PJR/flowerPOWER.rar

sorry, i just used my test file system. so you need to have a D: drive. unpack it on d:\panda3d\

so worked a bit more on the particle simulator. as next i wanna add temperature and for liquid simulation a such smoother distance holding. like forming bubbles and so.

a basic gas simulation:


bouncing (should leading into a liquid simualtion):