Pirates OTC

I was just wondering if Panda is used how in the hell are those terrains painted in the Pirates of the C.
Nice Game
my favourite i gues

can you post a link to some screenshots with the terrain? it’s pretty hard to analyze stuff you dont see =) . thx

Thesemight be what he’s asking about, not sure. As far as I know, these are the only shots they’ve released so far.


hm… rather low quality… and almost no terrain. but from what i think to see in the distance i’d assume they dont really use terrains in the common way. looks more like unique and handmade level parts. at least the irregular shape and the pretty clean textures on the almost vertical cliff seems to be made this way… anyway, a more closeup shot would make things more clear. right now it’s all guessed.
POTC:dead mans chest seems to use custom made world-parts ,too. but i dont think thats the codename for the mmorpg chanak is talking about…

anyway. … more screens more information =)

jep-.-. from what i can see in the screenshots and the movie (i went through the trailor and stoped at the intresting parts)… i’d say the whole world is completly hand-modeled without any special terrain or whatever.
model the world in your favorite 3d-tool and apply the textures there and you’r done. they dont seem to use multitexturing,special terrain stuff or anything like that. just plain and simple modelled worlds.
and for the textures… well they are just normal textures… at the transitions grass/sand or whatever they seems to simply use a texture where the 2 textures are blended into each other (old, simple,works)

so nothing special about the grafic at all. very basic. it can all be reproduced using just blender and gimp (and a texteditor to write your python code and some nice shaders :slight_smile: )

PS: why does disney release a trailer where the ingame-scenes are laggy? :unamused:

Well Thomas, I wouldn’t say low quality, unless you mean the screenshots aren’t big enough for you see what you need to see.

The art direction is just stylized instead of trying to be true-to-life like a lot of games these days, which never look quite real!

I agree with your observation as well, looks like they are making environments like they did in ToonTown, small complete areas.


jep i meant the screenshots are low-res… game itself… well style ok , looks fine. but some parts still require more work. have a close look at the animation… shoulders and such could use some… ( i know it’s hard to make them look good but i think disney was a little bit lazy in this point :wink: )

EDIT: … ok i’ll keep my mouth shut… it’s still in development after all… but disney… please work on these animatoins or i’ll make you pay my medical bills for hurting my eye :wink:.

:slight_smile: I agree the arms on those characters could use a little work. They do currently look like body builders without the muscles actually being there :wink:

I’m just a fan of what I call “real” art in video games like World of Warcraft. I love the stylized art style in WoW. Too many games try to make things look like real life and I don’t think we’ll be there for a very long time.

Well, as far as people go anyway.


this is what I was talking for
sory but this is not Disney work


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Eh, I am pretty sure that is not Panda3D. The game was originally developed as a generic Pirate game by the same people working on the Elders’ Scrolls series I think. Disney asked if they were interested in marketing it as Pirates of The Caribbean, and so the game was slightly modified and marketed that way. I think it uses some kind of proprietary engine!

Link is right, this game was made by Bethsoft. I think it was available on PS2 also, it’s not using Panda3d.

I don’t want to say Panda3d can’t do panoramic environments like that, It’s not easy from what I’ve seen.

I think you need to define what kind of game you’re looking to create and then see what engine provides the features that will get you as close to what you need as possible. Unless you are a C++ and 3d graphics guru.

As far as low-cost engines go, Torque and Torque Shader Engine are great for huge outdoor environments.

If you are looking for something to work with smaller environments, then definately Panda is up to the task rather easily in my opinion.