Pirates Online Retribution - POTCO Emulator

Pirates Online Retribution is an emulator for the now defunct game Pirates of the Caribbean Online. We posses all of the resources for the game, and most of the client side code. However, we need help writing some of the server code as well as setting up a Linux VPS Cluster (Several districts in different locations).

Additionally, we need help with our launcher, as well as setting up our Astron database for users to login to our game through the website.

TL;DR - We’re looking for Python developers with familiarity of the Panda 3D Engine!

The budget for the completion of this project is $2,000. Our team will be paying 100% out of pocket for the completion of this project.

Please contact me directly at ilovebella991 on Skype to discuss this further.
Alternatively, you may email me at pearsonwright1@gmail.com

Our Forums: piratesforums.us/
Our Website: piratesonline.us/

Fair Winds
The Crew @ Pirates Online Retribution