PhysicsCollisionHandler Problem!

I’m using the PhysicsCollisionHandler to handle the collision when the car run into the walls. However, the result is strange, the car goes out the box, then the collision handler take effects when the car is outside the box. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Hope someone can tell me what’s going wrong!
Thanks in advance!

i’m not 100% sure… but maybe flipping the normals of your faces (the box) might help.

Yeah! It works well now. I reverse the normals of those walls. Thank you!

Here’s a new problem now!!
When I add force to my collider, the collision detection seems dont’ work.
I have ‘CollisionHandleFloor’ to let my car move on uneven terrain. But when I add the gravity to the scene, ‘CollisionHandleFloor’ has no effect. I mean the car sink down long -Z. :question: :question: :question: