PGButtonNotify ??

How is a PGButtonNotify object supposeed to inform of PGButton click events? I cannot find a function of this object which calls for or reveals such data.

I ask this because it is preferable not to use the define_key function, and the static function/void * data requirements there of.

I need to create GUI elements-such as a button-dynamically. It would be most useful to be able to use the PGButton and PGButtonNotify from parallel vectors.

The normal intended usage of PGButton is via the event system; but you can use the PGButtonNotify instead if you prefer.

To use PGButtonNotify, subclass it with your own class that overrides button_click(), which is a virtual method. This method will be called when the button is clicked. You can do what you like in this method.


ok, I think I have this figured out. Sheesh I feel even more stupid than before. I had to read up on void pointers. I you guys write this stuff the way it is for good reasons!