permision error with samples

I have tried to open the sample files and I get this

error can't open file 'Teapot-on-TV': [Errno 13] Permission denied 

first is this a python error or is it a panda error and second how do i fix it

thank you for your help

Did you install Panda3D as administrator, instead of as a regular user?

srry i forgot to say im on windows xp and i installed it under my admin acount

I had the same troubles running 7 -64bit. I think its to do with pythons compatibility, not Panda. Because Python is installed along with panda, its permissions get set independantly. This means that while panda is running as administrator, the command line- python doesn’t.

To fix this just go into Panda->python, right click on python.exe (I did it with all the .exe’s just to be safe) go properties and tick the “run this program as administrator” under the privelage level in the compatibility section. (it may be different for XP, I didn’t have this prob till I went onto 7, but its the same sort of thing)

So to recap: python error, not Panda. Just check out the programs permissions/security/users option and you are golden. Keep in mind If you already had a seperate python before installing panda, there will be multiple copies of python.exe on your pc.

hm. well i dont want to spoil the fun. but running an interpreter with administrator rights entirely defeates the purpose of all those gloryfied windows security features. (not that i care, i’m not using M$ OS’es , just wanted to mention that once again a single line of code is able to completely screw your entire machine. just like it was with xp and before.)
so before blasting a 2meter big hole in your system’s security you might want to investigate if there are other sollutions.