Patches for Documentation

I am a newbie in the panda world and i am learning to use panda. However, when i am using the manual i see manual lacking in many respects. I can add some points along the way and submit a patch.But i do not see any one offering patches to the documentation/code.

Aren’t patches encouraged here or is it that the documentation is stable enough that people can live with it?

For a newbie i had to do a lot of digging to understand some basics.

Found the dot, will edit there.
Please re-check my edits.


Why not post where you made your edits?? Saves us the time of trying to find what was updated.

Will do.

Also look for debian installation instructions that i added in the manual.

I have also added some DirectGUI code snippets to the manual.
I have tested them under panda 1.1, python2.3 on debian unstable, after installing the .deb from the site.

Check them and let me know if there are any changes.