Particle system Z Spin factory


In the days I play with panda particle system, Z Spin factory not working or something I’m doing wrong.
I tried to use examples codes and the particle panel.


The problem solved, I find Anim Angle property under Scale tab on Particle Panel.

Somehow possible not only to rotate the particles around the z axis?

sorry my english is not the best

Sorry, I believe that oriented particles are not currently implemented.

Thanks for the reply, I see

Is it possible that will be implemented in the future? I’m working on a new Particle Panel and I want connect the panel with standard Nuke. This would be a Nuke plugin for compositors to create basic particle effects rapidly (eg: recreate destroyed effects after retouching, for prototyping). In some cases it would be a desirable function to rotate the particles. A simple example: falling leaves.

I don’t believe anyone is currently working on the particle system, but you are very welcome to submit a patch. The classes for OrientedParticle are already there, but they lack the specific implementation details.

It may alternatively be possible to build your own particle system via the MeshDrawer or by rolling it yourself using only GeomVertexWriter or a more modern approach using a shader.