Particle problem

I am trying to make an explosion using particles.

I am getting a strange error that goes like this

 Couldn't find rendererSpriteTexture file: phase_3/maps/eyes.jpg
:gobj(error): Texture::read() - couldn't read: phase_3/maps/eyes.jpg
:gobj(error): Unable to read texture "phase_3/maps/eyes.jpg" (using vfs) on texture_path: .. and then come some paths 

The strange thing is that this eyes.jpg is never mentioned in my code…

I am using panda 1.0.5 (thank god for the system administrators at this school)

any ideas??


Back in 1.0.5, the default texture for a sprite particle was “phase3/maps/feyes.jpg”. Obviously, this is some historical artifact. You need to override the default - set the texture of the sprite particles.

  • Josh

Yeah, this is a pretty harmless message, more annoying than dangerous. If you want to see where it’s coming from and how you can avoid it, see the file at


You can also specify better defaults in your Config.prc.