particle pannel patch

I was looking at the particle pannel. I am looking to integrate my particle system more with the panda3d’s particle system. While working on particle pannel it crashed alot, but i think a few simple fixes fix about 90% of the crashes:

(mainly the int cap, and other little caps)

As i work more with it i could provide other little fixes because it does behave quite oddly at times.

/p/panda3d/samples2/Particles$ diff ../../panda3d/direct/src/tkpanels/ 
< trueInt = int
< def int(string):
<     """ 
<         this will redefine string to int conversion
<         to cap at 10000 and not raise exceptions
<     """
<     try: return min(trueInt(string),10000)
<     except: return 1
<              0.1, None),
>              0.0, None),
<              1.0, None),
>              1.0, 1.0),
<         if value < self.particles.factory.getMassBase():
<             self.particles.factory.setMassSpread(value)
>         self.particles.factory.setMassSpread(value)


what no takers?

I just started to use the particle panel and evertime I use it, it crashes. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

my little patch prevents it from crashing in most common cases
but i think the particle pannel is junk