Parent model to bone with skinning

Bit of an unusual question. I have a multi-part character model where each part is skinned to the same skeleton. However, each model is loaded as a separate egg. Is it possible to skin separate models to the same skeleton using the skinning data in each model?

Thanks in advance!

Is the following perhaps what you’re looking for?

Thank you for your reply! I read that over but I’m still a bit unclear. Basically what I want is this

and not this assuming that the red and white areas are separate actor parts. The manual says that each part has it’s own dedicated animations. If every part in the actor has the exact same set of joints and the same animations, would it be possible to animate the actor as a whole, despite being made of parts? It seems like a bit of a headache (and a waste of processing power) to have to animate every single individual part of a multi-part actor if they have all the same joints.

Hmm… I’m afraid that I haven’t worked with multi-part actors myself, so I don’t know the particulars. I’ll leave this to be answered by someone who knows better on this subject!

ooh that’s ok. Thanks for trying, though!

You are most likely confused with Motion capture technology. When making skinning, you can use different movements. However, you can check it without a panda, in any
animation editor Yes, yes, the panda has nothing to do with it.

Yes. You can use panda’s multi-part actor and play the same animation for all parts. But I would recommend to merge parts while loading them into a single-part actor. You have to use eggs for model files and process them with panda3d.egg module -
This is what I’m doing in my game while loading a player’s character. I’m loading separate clothes models, merging them together and attaching to a single skeleton.

This is exactly what I wanted! Thank you. I wanted to merge multi-part actors into a single one. Thank you very much!

Ooh, that’s pretty neat–I didn’t know about that feature! :slight_smile: