pandatools on mac os x 10.4.11 (PPC)

well, after some bumpiness, i’ve successfully built and run panda on my ppc mac. i am however having problems with pandatools. they appeared to build without error, but i see that none of the maya tools are there. there’s probably something simple i missed, but being a n00b, i can’t seem to figure it out. i did add the following to my bash profile:

MAYA_LOCATION=/Applications/Alias/maya7.0/; export MAYA_LOCATION

i tried make install again in the pandatool directory, but still no maya2egg, etc.

i don’t have anything about maya in my config.pp file. don’t know if i should. anybody got a clue? don’t even know what i should post that would be of help to you…


Question answered in another thread. Please try to resist the urge to post your question multiple times.