Pandamonium's Storyteller

Hello Forum,

In the past few days I’ve been searching through engines, and again I must realise that Panda3D seems to be the best, but there’s no Level Editor :astonished:

So I Quit the Panda Idea but Stumbled upon a project called Pandamonium’s Storyteller, which was formerly knows has Panda LE
After visiting their website tho I found no downloads no nothing. :frowning:

I want to get my hands on it so I can start using it and improve it, and hopefully make games, which is my hobby :slight_smile:

So anyone have any info or a download link, don’t hesitate.
Sharing is Caring^^

Regards, Kemmeo.

I think Panda has a level editor in the installation. It should be in the bin folder somewhere.

Thank you, I’ll check, I’m on ubuntu 11.04, can you tell me where the Bin folder is in my OS?

You could try this one:
[[WIP] Level Editor)


I did forget to mention that if you search the forums there are some out there…sorry. I am not sure where in linux it is. It should be with egg2bam etc but I can’t find those other tools…The samples are in /usr/share/panda3d btw.