PandAI with C++: Linker errors

Hello altogether,

I want to use PandAI with C++, but I keep getting linker errors for every class and function related to it (default Panda stuff works). Although I linked libpandaai.lib.
Does anyone know what I have to do?

I believe it is spelled pandai. You put two As where there should only be one.

Also, could you post what ever code you have when you get it working? I am interested in trying PandAI out, but I can’t find any C++ examples or docs. Thanks.

Nah. The problem is just that the PandAI developers never bothered to add the right symbols to export the PandAI classes, so it is not usable by C++ users at the moment.

That is truely a shame. Maybe I’ll have a look at it - I want to use it with C++. If I succeed in doing so, I will, of course, post a howto or something, here.
All the same, thank you for the answer; I had already thought of it as a possibility, but I wanted to be sure.

It will be fixed in the upcoming 1.7.1 release of Panda3D.

Maybe you can get some ideas from NNair’s posts here: [AI for Panda3D: PandAI v1.0!)