Pandagallery is down, where to find 3D models?

There has been a large selection of panda3D-ready models at
They were created by CMU teachers and students for learning purposes 10+ years ago, but they were good if you:

a) Use Panda3D for non-commercial purposes, as a hobby
b) Aim for the retro look
c) Can’t do 3d modelling

Does anybody have this collection archived? Some of the original models are still available in the Alice 1 and 2 distribution, but they are in the propietary format common software doesn’t understand.

Regarding other free collections, there are some models from FPS Creator, that is open source now:

They are good, but it was impossible for me to load animated characters into Panda3D as Actors. They are all in .x format, and contain both vertice data and animation. Probably hierarchy is not suitable for Panda3D, too.

Perhaps @saudia might know if there is still a back-up of that part of the Alice website.

There’s also this old model archive, which similarly contains retro-looking student-produced models:

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I’ll look, but, it’s likely gone.

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Thanks for your quick replies. Meanwhile, I searched, and some of the content is still available through the Web Archive:

@rdb: Thanks, I think there’s enough models for now. I am lacking animated characters in the first place, and IIRC, there were little to none in the original gallery.

You beat me to it on the waybackmachine, yeah, it seems to be there.

I’ll still try to find out if it’s currently hosted elsewhere, though.

Wow, /that/ gallery. That’s so old even I have some models in there.

As for animation, IIRC nothing in Alice at that time had any traditional keyframe animation. All animation was done with alice code, which could be embedded into the .a2c file even, but I never knew of that being exportable to any other format.

Actually, I found it. The previous server is still up, firewalled to our network, just in case we forgot something…and so we did.

I can copy it over.

You seem to be enthusiastic about it.

Please, upload, since you’ve already gone through the troubles of checking. I would be grateful.



Thanks! I absolutely love this ancient art style. Downloading them RN.

Hope people around here will be glad to see it back, too.