Panda3d with ARtoolKit

Hi guys,

Just wandering anyone have a compiled version of the engine with the ARtoolkit integrated?

I have read at this post :

that before u can use the ARtoolKit the engine must be recompiled, and I don’t know how to do that :slight_smile:


The ARToolKit has already been included in Panda3D and is also included in the latest build. You don’t need to recompile panda.

This is something I found at the API reference (I don’t know if there isn’t more)
It looks pretty straightforward and easy to use.

Thanks a lot for the info.

Will have a go at it. Anyone knows of any samples that uses it?


No, I don’t think there are any samples that use it around. But it looks very straightforward to use. Most likely, judging from the API page, it would be something like:

  • Create an ARToolKit object using ARToolKit.make(, etc etc)
  • Attach patterns to it using attachPattern(yourGlyphFile, yourPandaModel)
  • Keep calling analyze(whateverTexture) every frame
    I could be wrong though. I totally never used it.