Panda3D Winter Of Code

On the panda3d irc/discord some folk and I were discussing the wish to contribute more to the c++ engine-bits of panda3d, but find it difficult to actually make the jump to get down and dirty with it. We figured it might be helpful if this jump is made as a group, together. Though each of us might have different opinions on what issues are more important or useful, we can help out by discussing how to get set up, tackling problems together and inspiring each other to finally get started.

We will start on January 8th 2024 and keep going for a week or two, hopefully for us to develop wings to keep contributing. If you feel similar itches to help out with improving our favorite game engine, or you can help us taking these steps, I’d like to invite you to join us in the discord or irc.

And to get some engagement going in this thread, the obligatory audience question: What kind of issues do you think are most pressing and executable in a week?


Well, I’m just starting out with Panda but the biggest improvements for Panda3D would be these:

  1. Make Panda3D be able to create a transparent window background.
    (so we could make cute desktop pets, desktop interactive gadgets and tools for streamers etc…)
  2. Make Panda3D easily export or build for android.
    I think the 1st one would be achievable, the 2nd…not so sure :slight_smile: