Panda3D WebGL (iOS, Android)

I was searching around on the Forums when I came upon this regarding Panda3D and WebGL:

“It’s possible, if you use the Panda3D web plugin and use it to communicate with the WebGL interface through the JavaScript wrappers. But that would completely defeat the purpose. :stuck_out_tongue: People tend to think of WebGL as some kind of brand new technology, while WebGL is nothing more but a JavaScript API similar to OpenGL ES. Porting Panda3D to WebGL in a way that makes sense would mean rewriting every bit of Panda3D to JavaScript.” -rdb

I thought that it would not be so pointless considering Apple announced that with iOS 8 they would be supporting WebGL and I also remember hearing that Android supports WebGL. Another plus to developing this would be that you don’t have to pay Apple to deploy a game in the App Store. Instead you can create a web app via HTML5 to run the game. I believe this means that if you can create the JavaScript wrappers then you could have your game run on iOS and Android. However this is out of my comfort zone to develop. Could anyone start to develop this?

Sneaky Lightning

I’m not sure how you imagine this working. Panda3D is written in C++. If you can get the C++ core of Panda to run on those platforms, then you don’t really need WebGL any more, but can directly communicate with OpenGL.
WebGL is just a JavaScript binding for OpenGL, which isn’t really useful because Panda3D isn’t written in JavaScript.

Furthermore, getting Panda3D’s JavaScript wrappers to work would require porting the web plug-in to the respective platforms, which is actually harder than making a native port for those platforms.
It would be easier and make more sense to finish the existing iPhone and Android ports.

Could you give me the existing iPhone and Android ports? I would like to work on them. The reason why I came up with this method is because a web app virtually can cost nothing and if you wanted to update the game for an mmo you would have to update the app every time in the app store which could get annoying,

The proof-of-concept iPhone and Android ports are in the CVS repository. Instructions for building them are in the relevant forum threads about those ports.

iOS: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=6109&start=65
Android: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=11090&start=65