Panda3D vs Torque MMO Kit


I have been programming with Python for nearly three years, but in my life I have programmed professional web application with PHP (and I still do) for 8 years.

I would like to start a new little adventure: developing a small, light RPG gam e for an existing game community. Basically, players who have access to the community will be able to create a character in this game and play with/against other. The game will feature a simple but well planned battle system, a small town with an arena where players could battle each other, fight against monsters, and stuff like that. For the rest, the town will simply be a place to chat, with some shops to buy equipment and play mini-games.

Since I would like to use Python for this project I discovered Panda3D and the Torque MMO Kit, which also features Python scripting.

Comparing the two engines isn’t easy. It seems pretty obvious Panda3D is an overall more powerful engine, probably because it is also meant for the big production studios, but worries me is the lack of a well defined pipeline. For example, having an easy to use map/quest (even though quests in my game would be very simple) editor would save a lot of development time. According to my experience, when developing projects like this, a lot of time is spent in developing the tools to maintain it. Torque, in particular the MMO kit, has all you need to get started, and in particular a great map editor.

Speaking of graphics, we want to avoid the realistic, generlic look at all costs - we are trying to develop a rather unique, gothic, cartoon style for our game, which would let us use simpler models while maintaining a well defined atmosphere.

Realistically, what would you think is the best choice for my project? Has anybody tried both engines? What is your experience with Panda?

The pipeline isn’t as complete as some other engines while adequate for most needs as it has maya, blender and max exporters. I use blender cause well Im not a rich dude :wink:

There is something called sceneeditor for panda but I dont have have alot of experience using it so someone else maybe can comment, though overall its decent if one considers that this is a free engine :wink:

well panda was made initially for cartoonish like graphics if you consider Toontown for which it was designed and a game desgined around those stuyle of graphics surely isn’t a fps hog and thats always a good thing :wink:

I never tried torque in part due to the price but also finding panda sufficient for needs and so far Im very happy I chose panda in part due to its amazing engine but the speed of development even for someone new to programming.

have fun and welcome to panda3d :wink:


To be honest, i would say:

by using Panda you will have to create :

  • your own quest system (and quest definition tool)
  • your own multiplayer system
  • your own world definition (and world definition tool)

P3D is a game engine
Torque is a game “studio”. (ie a game engine + game frameworks + game creation toolkit etc…)

So to do a “standard type of game” ie similar in design / tech etc… than several other from the 2 last years, Torque is definitely easier.

So to do you own game , maybe Torque can not bring you far enough (not enough customization etc…)
With P3D you are sure to be able to customize as much as you want since you create the game framework…

It’s really your choice i would say.

By the way, it is said that Torque software is buggy. I do not know whether these statements are true, but you may want to consider that.