Panda3d units/scale

Hi all,
What units uses Panda3d? Is it meters, pixels or something else? What size main hero should be? maybe 100 units? I made box 100 inches size in gmax, but and export to .x, but in panda it looks too small (without scale).I set 5 units between two objekts in panda and it looks like 90-100inches if it be in gmax :confused: . So what objects size shoud i use, that in panda it look normal?


Panda doesn’t use any particular units; the units can be whatever you say they are. If you say the units are feet, then set the camera (say) 10 feet from your subjects. If you say the units are inches, then set the camera (say) 120 inches from your subjects. It all works out the same.

That being said, I have no idea what the GMax exporter does to your units. It might scale all your units up to miles, for all I know.


So, what distance should be from ground to camera in 1st person game? And what distance is normal from camera to lets say wall, when you walk as close as posible? 1 - 2 units? When camera is too near its runs over the wall. How shoul i choose that units?

P.S. sorry for dumb question :blush:

Well, how high is your person’s eyeball? That’s where you should put the camera in a first-person game. If you choose feet, that might be 4.5. If you choose meters, maybe 1.2.

When the wall gets clipped, it is intersecting the near plane. Things that are closer to the camera than the near plane distance do not get rendered. You can set the near plane to any distance you like (greater than zero). For instance: